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The objective of the publication of this journal is to ensure that all academicians from all over the world have an opportunity to present their academic works for the benefit of other academicians, researchers, businesspersons, students and the public in general. These people will be able to exchange their knowledge and search for updated information for academic and business development. Moreover, the world will significantly benefit from this publication. 

The journal aims to build a stable and sustainable knowledge base received from varieties of researches, articles and case studies. The word uses and comments will lead to the continued development of the work. The journal includes the articles in business management, tourism management and applied science, putting all contents together.

We hope that this journal will save the valuable time lost by academicians and the public in general in searching for information. The journal will render great benefits in the future. We have high hopes that the use of the database of this journal will help support academicians in creating new academic works. The works will be widely accepted and updated.

Our mission is to develop this journal for better value.

Prior to its publication, all of the articles in this journal were reviewed by experts. We have experts in each field, who participated in considering the works. All of the works were reviewed before publication. These articles will be presented in the English language to make them universal for everyone and easy for searching. We are pleased to include good and modern works in this journal.

In addition, this journal has a policy to allow everyone of you to access to it with no cost. You can make use of it with no limit. We are very pleased if you would like to join in our editorial team for this publication. Please send us your profile, sign on the document and return it to us



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